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Global Universal Education

We have strong passion for learning and we believe every student should have equal opportunity to access educational and learning materials. We believe that we can achieve equality faster across all demographics by ensuring every person is able to learn and excel in school. We have compiled extensive learning materials focusing on sciences from grade 1 to University level.
Make education and learning resources available to every student regardless of age, color and geographical location.
A society that celebrates equality of educational opportunities and career possibilities.

What We Do?

Science Education

We have compiled extensive learning resources that can be accessed online or downloaded for offline use by students at all levels from Kindergarten to University.

Social synergy

We give control to the students, their families and friends to study at home or on the go and use our revision questions to prepare for exams.


We provide multiple scholarships to assist students who need support to apply for school admission, complete assessment tests, buy text books, and in some cases, pay tuition fees. Over 95% of donations go to providing these scholarships.

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